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Research Data Finding Report on USD 1 Million Stimulus Package for Private School’s Teachers In Margibi CountyYouth Alliance for Rural Development in Liberia (YARD-LIBERIA), Inc. In Collaboration with BudgIT Covid-19 Transparency & Accountability Project (Ctap)


To fight COVID-19 in Liberia, there have been many donations ranging from financial aids to health materials. The government of Liberia recognized the challenges many private schools faced in paying their teachers and faculties due to hardship on parents to pay tuitions since everyone has to stop working and still home.

Parents, guardians, and self-sponsored students have attributed their inability to pay balance tuitions which significantly led to a reduction in economic activities as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.

To intervene in this situation, the government of Liberia instructed the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to provide U.S $1 million out of the FY19/20 surplus to pay as an honorarium to private school teachers who have not been paid for over six (6) months. 

To obtain an accountable and transparent distributions of the US $1 million to private school teachers, and faculties, YARD-Liberia, Inc. has joined into a partnership with BudgIT-Liberia in the COVID-19 Transparency & Accountability Project (CTAP) in Liberia, to do a county level (Margibi) tracking on the COVID-19 HONORIUM STIMULUS PACKAGE FOR PRIVATE SCHOOL TEACHERS to find out if all private school teachers have collected their shares of the US $1 million and the amount.

The project is to work around proper accountability and transparency of the $1 million to help fight against COVID-19 challenges in private schools.

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